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Supporting a Sustainable Future for Another 50 Years

Join Us in Helping Reduce Further Climate Change.

SRMSDC for Earth Day 2023

The impact of things is the foundation of circularity, and our future is more symbiotically aligned with environmental, economic, and human impact than ever before in our world’s history. We now collectively realize that we have finite resources, and if we are to sustain life, we need to think and act more circular.

By Alvin-o Williams

SRMSDC and our Centennial Trees for Tomorrow Drive

We know our stakeholders care about reducing their carbon footprint as much as we do. In the spirit of our 50th anniversary, we have launched a Centennial Trees for Tomorrow drive. Starting the year of our 50th Anniversary, we aren’t just taking time to celebrate our first 50 years; we are planting seeds for the next 50 years. We aim to plant over 1,000 trees in the next ten years, starting with the first 100 in 2023.

Why 1,000 trees? Because every 1,000 tree seedlings planted helps restore four acres of forest and create critical wildlife habitat – the Green Benefits of Planting Memorial Trees. Trees clean our air, absorbing harmful carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. They help to clean water for the millions of Americans who depend on a forest every time they turn on their faucets. Healthy forests sustain critical habitats for wildlife and enhance our outdoor pursuits.

A circular-driven culture

As the President of SRMSDC, I’ve been incredibly energized about how the concept of circularity inspires innovation and engagement. A higher purpose drives everyone here at SRMSDC, and our socioeconomic and environmental impact plays a big role in our community’s longevity and success, directly and indirectly. Why not help us continue to help reduce the impacts of further climate change?

Join us to help reduce further climate change.

For Earth Day 2023, we are asking our stakeholders to join us in helping spread the word about circularity and supplier equity by helping reduce climate change by planting 1,000 new trees. So, in honor of our regional community, we support One Tree Planted to plant 100 new trees in 2023, with a total of 1,000 new trees by 2033.

The first set of trees will be planted in the Mississippi River Basin as part of Mississippi’s bottomland hardwood tree restoration program. The remaining set of trees will be planted in communities, state forests, and nature preserves across Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi that have been impacted by natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes.

From April 22 – December 22, 2023, if you would like to join us in planting a minimum of ten new trees, please contact Jeanine Chambers at for more information. Together, we will make the next 50 years more sustainably equitable for us all.

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