We create and distribute actionable information that helps build awareness about the wealth and racial inequities that encourage positive change. 

Racial Inequality

A progressive economic future cannot exist for any of us.  At the same time, the threat of violence and lack of access to financial resources and business opportunities continue to plague our communities.  Watch our first "Stronger Together" campaign and see how were are building awareness about racial equity.  

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Wealth Inequality

Non-ethnic minority households have eight times more wealth than African American households and five times more wealth than Hispanic households. Our "One Percent Shift" challenge is an ongoing call to action to encourage more engagement and spending with ethnic minorities in business-to-consumer and business-to-business markets. 

Community Health & Wellness

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has drawn attention to the disparities in health & wellness. We worked with our entire network of business professionals and thought leaders to help close the health and wellness gap, which is often a result of the wealth gap.