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Certified MBE

  • Must be a US citizen

  • Must be a for-profit enterprise.

  • Must be at least 51% ethnic minority-owned.

  • Must be owned and controlled by the individual(s) belonging to the following groups: Black, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander, Asian Indian, and Native American.

  • Must have primary business operations in SRMSDC’s territory (Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi).

Certified MBE Document List

Please provide an explanation for any documentation you cannot provide.
All applications become the property of the council, kept under lock and key, and will not be returned.

The documentation required for certification is listed below, but is not limited to:


  • Fictitious business statement (if applicable)

  • Proof of U.S. citizenship (birth certificate and driver's License)

  • Evidence of ethnicity for owner(s), partners, shareholders (birth certificate)

  • Two years of federal tax returns (business)**

  • Financial statements (p&l, statement of cash flows, balance sheet)

  • Notes payable (if any)

  • Applicable operating business license and permits

  • Lease agreements

  • Resume(s) of owner(s), partners or shareholders

  • Equipment rental and purchase agreements (if applicable)

  • Work history for the past three years (if appropriate) (name/contact type of work performed or kind of contract received)

  • Equipment owned or available (include a description of equipment, year acquired, and current value)

  • Proof of bonding capacity (if applicable)

  • Bank signature card (copy signature card or letter from bank)

  • Indian/Native Americans blood degree certificate (i.e., tribal registry letter, tribal roll register number) [if applicable]

  • Non-refundable processing fee

In addition to the information listed under all businesses, all LLCs MUST submit the following additional information:


  • Income statement

  • Balance sheet

  • Operating license

  • Facility lease agreement (if any)

  • Articles of organization

  • Operational agreement

  • Organizational agreement

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