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Should Small Businesses Care About Saving the Environment?

(S)aving the environment may actually help save your business. Thousands, if not millions, of small businesses have already been impacted by climate change, especially due to fires, floods, hurricanes, tornados. Small businesses may be the companies most vulnerable to climate change because they typically have fewer resources to deal with unexpected disasters or to relocate or adapt as climate changes affect their business. With fewer mines, landfills, and incinerators, and more trees, the circular economy reduces waste and environmental harm. But there are several business benefits, too—lower operating costs, reduced supply chain risks, additional revenue streams, and access to new markets.

1. Aggressively go after waste

2. Reduce packaging

3. Buy and use environmentally friendly products

4. Reduce commutes

5. Reduce “vampire” energy drain

6. Buy hybrid or electric cars or trucks

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