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Our Story

Pound Cakes are protein packed pancakes prepared with the finest ingredients and cooked in MCT oils. Our pancakes taste so good, you won’t believe they’re healthy! Served with sugar free syrup, the worlds #1 breakfast guilty pleasure just became healthy!

How It All Started

Being in the health industry for over 25 years, owning his own gym, training amateur, collegiate and professional athletes, along with competing on a national level in the NPC Men’s Physique Category, Barry Smith knows what was out there and knows what works!

For years as a child, he heard his mother say, “Make sure you eat breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day.” For the longest, he never knew why? And honestly he didn’t think his mom knew either. Fast forward to adulthood and being a personal trainer, Barry realized that your metabolism is like an engine.

Unless you FUEL it, it’s not going to work.

Breakfast being his favorite meal of the day and wanting to provide his children with healthier breakfast options, Barry teamed up with his friend and known chief to create his own recipe of a delicious, plant based, protein pancake mix. Through many taste test, using his brother, children and friends, Pound Cakes was born.

We want to supply you and your family the FUEL to start your day off and get that metabolic engine revved up! On top of getting your day started, each one of our pancakes contains 4-7g of protein! This is perfect for athletes young and old, male or female, amateur or professional, that are looking to put on some lean muscle.

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