HQ Location: New Orleans, LA

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FitPro focuses on all facets of health and fitness

FitPro™ is the first and only of its kind Fitness franchise and destination, offering a unique, yet effective, all in one solution for fitness and well being. From personal Fitness professionals, NOT trainers, to Nutritionist and even doctors, we have covered every area of fitness and health. From a proprietary intelligent Digital platform for our clients to keep them on track in becoming FitPro’s, to our Alkaline detox performance water machines in all locations, and our proprietary on-boarding process created to learn more about our clients Fitness goals, Fitpro™ has truly revolutionized the Fitness industry in so many ways. Many forget the full circle of becoming fit, staying fit and maintaining and sustaining a happy and healthy life, Fitpro™ has not. Join us in our pursuit to turn 1 million people into FitPro’s this year!

It is a Modern day solution that is all encompassing, and the first of its kind!

FitPro™ takes it a step further with our proprietary FitPro™ Profile where all Members can not only feel the benefits, but see them on their own Digital profiles. FitPro™ continuously focuses on bridging the gap between health and fitness, as it is our belief, they are one in the same. For far too long big box gyms have missed the most important areas of staying fit, reaching maximum and sustainable goals, this is why FitPro has married both topics, fitness and health. By doing so, the FitPro™ concept is life sustaining, and an all encompassing concept that will change how people perceive gyms and workout regimens. Become part of the movement with the best in the business, own your own locations today!

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