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Our organization has an extensive history dating back to 1973. We are constantly moving forward and evolving, but none of what we do would be possible without acknowledging where we've been. Here is a brief history of the past that shaped us.  

Why Does

There is a wealth inequity that is invisible, but impacts where we all live, work and play.  This wealth inequity reduces trust, creates social conflict, and creates inaccurate assumptions that prevent communities from thriving.  The wealth gap is between historically underrepresented ethnic minorities and their non-ethnic minority colleagues and neighbors.

We strive to reduce the wealth gap between historically underrepresented ethnic minorities and non-ethnic minorities by providing education, training, and business advocacy for historically underrepresented ethnic minority businesses looking to expand their businesses and with large buying organizations interested in diversifying their supply chain to reduce waste, minimize cost and expand their buying behavior perspectives. 

What We Do

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