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Your tomorrow can be better than your today with our help. We want to help you build so that the vision you have for your business, corporation, or community can become a reality.

Existing MBEs

Stay involved, and don't miss out on all the resources you can gain access to as our organization continues to grow and expand. Get recertified today!

MBEs who are certified in other regions also have the opportunity to be involved with our council through subscriptions. Get a closer look at the opportunities that exist for you within our region and let us become an asset to your business.

New MBEs

MBE is the acronym for Minority Business Enterprise.  We offer three ways your business can be designated as an MBE in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi:


  1. LISTED MBE.  This is a regional MBE designation.

  2. REGISTERED MBE.  This is a regional MBE designation.

  3. CERTIFIED MBE.  This is a national MBE certification.


Each MBE designation has a different set of requirements and associated costs.  To learn more about each MBE Designation, click on the link below.

New Corporate Members

​SRMSDC provides the only nationally recognized 3rd party ethnic minority verification services in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. SRMSDC connects ethnic minority-owned and controlled businesses with corporate members representing many of America’s largest public and privately-owned companies. We're leveraging over 50 years of experience in advocacy and ethnic minority business development to help close the racial wealth gap.

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