There are a number of ways to get engaged with us once you become a corporate sponsor or apply for MBE status. Here are just a few to consider. Get involved today and take advantage of some of these invaluable resources. 


All of our events, both in-person and virtual, include a matchmaking component designed specifically to pair like-minded professionals and businesses for bigger opportunities.

In Person Events

Our in-person events are back! Mask up and rub elbows with other business owners, corporate leaders, and other movers & shakers.

Business Mixers

HALF PAST SIX is just one of the regular events that we throw for the intentional purpose of having professionals mix, mingle, chat, establish new relationships, and enjoy good company.

Hybrid Events

If you aren't able to attend in person or have just come to appreciate the option of attending virtually, no worries. We've made all of the in-person features transferable to our virtual audience. 

Experiential Networking

Looking to connect with a professional in a specific industry? We can help. 

Virtual Events

We've got a packed calendar and many of our events are available directly from your laptop or cell phone. Just register, log in, and get started!

No upcoming events at the moment