Why We Call You To Action:

Since 1973, the Southern Region Minority Supplier Development Council (SRMSDC) has been combating racial and economic inequities by partnering with corporate America to identify ethnic minority businesses that can engage in their supply chains in turn provide jobs and opportunities to people in our community.  Our Calls To Action are our way of combating racial and economic inequities by leveraging our network to effect change.

Current Calls:


Over the past several months, we have all experienced unprecedented social, environmental, and economic challenges. Where we go from here depends on you. Gone are the days where we sit back and watch others do the heavy lifting. It’s all hands on deck. Gone are the days where we sit on the sidelines and watch others participate. We all need to participate. Gone are the days where we talk about change. Change is now and the only way it happens is that we all #STAND TOGETHER SAFELY.


The SRMSDC, in partnership with the EMSDC, is doing just that. We are taking the first step; leveraging our collective ingenuity to help repair, protect, and heal our communities by identifying legal resources, construction supplies, and business support information to assist those on the frontlines on the issues surrounding social, and economic injustice. While many in our communities have prospered over the last 50 years, far too many have been left behind. The “Charge” is clear; we must #STAND TOGETHER SAFELY if we are going to see a better tomorrow for our families…our businesses…our communities.  


To that end, SRSMDC and EMSDC #STAND TOGETHER SAFELY focusing on aiding access to much-needed resources to empower/assist those closest to the repair, protection, and clean-up of affected communities. How can you help the #STAND TOGETHER SAFELY movement? Contact Ma’at Latham, to find out how to contribute and deploy resources to help at mlatham@srmsdc.org.

Alvin-o Williams

President & CEO

The 1% Shift Challenge

It’s on everyone’s mind. How is the Coronavirus pandemic going to affect our national economy? How is it going to change our regional economy? Most importantly, how is it going to affect the people you care about? If this is not on your mind, it should be. If you are reading this letter, it is because you are either a business owner, a corporate professional, or a regional economic development expert within the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.


Supporting micro and small businesses in your community right now is imperative.


Please don't misconstrue the intent behind this email. I am not saying that the Coronavirus won't negatively impact all businesses. It has. More importantly, we are supported by a host of large corporations that provide a tremendous amount of assistance to our small business community. The issue is not even that that too little money flows into our regional economy. Instead, it is what consumers, public services, and businesses do with that money. Too often, it's spent on products and services with no local presence, and so immediately that money leaves the community. Our regional economy needs redistributed cash right now.


Here's my idea: Try redistributing 1% of your personal and corporate spending with micro or small businesses in the Gulf South for the next four weeks 


For 1% of your individual purchases, instead of going to a large chain for paper products, spices, desserts, groceries, wine, take out, spirits, medicine, find a small business – preferably an ethnic-minority business. For 1% of your small business and large corporate purchases, consider buying or selling your products in smaller quantities with local or regional small businesses - preferably an ethnic-minority business. Yes, there is a possibility that the prices may be 10-20% higher. Why? Because these smaller businesses do not purchase in bulk. But if the alternative is that our regional economy goes into a snag, together we have helped divert a major
catastrophe. That is of benefit to all of us.


Why is this a good idea? Well, it directs cash to the small businesses that have minimal resources to weather an economic hurricane now. Think of all of the ethnic-minority owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, and LGBT owned restaurant professionals, DJs, physical trainers, nail technicians, barbers, hairstylists, ride-sharing professionals, among others that will not have access to clients for weeks.


Think about it if one million people throughout the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi spend just $50 this week to support regional small businesses that would be $50 million circulating in our local economy now. That’s a BIG DEAL! And if those small businesses continue to circulate that money in our regional economy for the next four weeks with ethnic-minority owned, family-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, and LGBT owned businesses, the impact of this would be astronomical!


SRMSDC is leading the charge. Any future networking event or training seminar we host, just type in this code #1%shift, and you will get an additional $50 off any future event or training we host in 2020 that has a price tag of $150 or more. Additionally, we will continue to offer our regional MBEs access to opportunities from the SRMSDC via our Quick RFPs located in the PULSE – our weekly communication to the region. Also, if your organization needs to source a product or service, it doesn’t matter if it’s a large or small business opportunity, we would be pleased to share the general details of your request in the PULSE. If you do not receive the PULSE, email us at info@srmsdc.org or visit www.srmsdc.org and to learn more about how we can support your business and the regional community.


As you continue to navigate through these challenging times, the SRMSDC remains available to support ethnic minority-owned businesses through the engagement of our corporate members by providing business training and access to procurement opportunities.


Join in the 1% Shift Challenge, share it, and encourage others to participate. On behalf of theSRMSDC, please stay safe, please stay healthy, and please support the millions of people and businesses around this region that make the Gulf South great!

Alvin-o Williams
President & CEO


Previous Calls:


In the wake of COVID-19 shutting down many U.S. cities, the SRMSDC decided to take action and ensure school children still had access to meals.

We worked with our network of businesses and school lunch programs across our four state region to bridge the gaps in their supply, man power, and food needs.