why get certified?

benefitS OF certification

Unlike many state and local certifications, the Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certification is nationally recognized and remains the most widely accepted minority business designation in the private sector. With 24 regional councils comprising its national network, the National Minority Supplier Development Council is the preeminent organization for MBEs seeking to do business with America's top corporations.

Certification with the Southern Region Minority Supplier Development Council (SRMSDC) provides ethnic minority owned business in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana  and Mississippi with valuable resources to grow and succeed.   We offer many formal and informal venues to meet with corporate buyers, learn about business opportunities and vastly expand your professional network.   

"MBE Certification is essential for my business and has opened doors for me that would have been closed without it.  It's not a guarantee of business, but it definitely provides a competitive edge."

                                               Marseyas Fernandez
                                               MSF Global Solutions LLC 

The benefits of MBE Certification really boil down to one word: access. Certification gives MBEs exclusive access to top corporate purchasing agents, premium networking events, searchable supplier databases, affordable consulting services, technology programs, and vital introductions to nationally known corporations. 

Count towards the minority spending goals of top corporations 
Many Fortune 1000 companies in America have supplier diversity programs in place. These programs are specifically designed for large companies to source products and services from minority owned businesses. They do this in an effort to keep their businesses in line with the shifting demographic profile of our country. These companies recognize that a diverse supply base offers a competitive advantage in today’s multicultural business economy. In other words, large corporations are constantly looking for minority owned businesses to work with. They have supplier diversity programs in place to calculate exactly how successful they are in sourcing products and services from minority suppliers. Therefore one of the top benefits of MBE certification is that any contractual agreement between a corporation and Certified MBE is counted towards that corporation’s supplier diversity goal. The more they spend with Certified MBEs, the closer they get to achieving and surpassing their goal. But you have to be a Certified MBE in order to count towards corporate diversity spending. 

Attend the top business networking events in the entire Southern Region
The SRMSDC hosts a number of large-scale signature events each year. These events are designed to put corporate members and MBEs in the same place to talk about business opportunities and to showcase MBE capabilities. 

Signature events include: 
GATEWAY Business Connections Conference & Expo  – New Orleans, LA 
Annual Golf Invitational – Across the Region
Automotive Supplier Diversity Summit – Birmingham, AL
The BIGGER Discussion – New Orleans, LA
Retail Supplier Diversity Summit – Bentonville, AR

Get listed in national supplier databases 
When your company becomes a Certified MBE, it also gets listed in the national minority supplier database. This placement allows corporations across the country to find your MBE and reach out to you with contract opportunities and other business ventures. 

Attend personalized events 
The SRMSDC offers small scale, in-person events that help MBEs improve where needed. One of the top benefits of MBE certification is that you gain access to experts and peers who can offer guidance to you, regardless of what your challenges may be. 

New MBE Orientation / Quarterly Meeting 
Industry Sector Meetings 
Professional Development Sessions 
Roundtable Meetings 
Mentor-protege and other programs 
Educational programs 
Technical assistance 
Financial assistance and support 

Grow your business with the help of MBDA 
The SRMSDC is proud to also operate Louisiana's local chapter of the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA). MBEs can sign up to meet with our team of small business experts, who are happy to provide business consulting services at minimal cost to clients. Whether you need help with financing, marketing, expanding into new markets or 8(a) Certification, our team is here to help you. 

Use our offices for important business meetings 
When you’re a small business owner trying to win new business deals, finding an appropriate place to meet with prospects can be a challenge. With the expansion of SRMSDCs Region, we are now pleased to offer small meeting space availability for Certified MBEs.