Receive personalized business matchmaking services 
Often our corporate members are too busy to find and vet their candidates for contracts. For this reason, SRMSDC offers our corporate member's personalized matchmaking services.  You tell us what you need--the scope and scale of work to be done--and we seek out vet and refer appropriate candidates from our database of MBEs. Our personal relationships with both corporations and MBEs make us uniquely qualified to find a match that works for both parties. 

Identify and attract top MBEs 
By becoming a corporate member, your company gains instant recognition as a supporter of supplier diversity.  SRMSDC’s annual lineup of networking events will make your business a desirable target for our broad base of MBEs eager to help your business in various capacities.  SRMSDC offers numerous sponsorship opportunities that ensure that all of the region’s top MBEs know that your company is interested in working with certified minority business enterprises. 

Gain peace-of-mind 
SRMSDC goes to great lengths to verify that our minority suppliers meet the certification criteria set forth by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). Our administration of NMSDC's national MBE certification process ensures the validity of your corporate spend with bona fide ethnic minority suppliers and assures that your efforts to support local and regional minority suppliers are being realized.

Get exclusive access to the nation’s top MBEs 
One of the main advantages of corporate membership with the SRMSDC is that you gain access to our comprehensive online database of certified minority vendors, listed by industry. This database offers you a complete listing of the region's MBEs, many of whom have been recognized for their quality products and services. Regardless of your company’s needs, SRMSDC can match you with certified MBEs that are well-equipped to handle your particular area(s) of need. 

Reap the financial benefits of supplier diversity
Independent research has shown that companies who focus heavily on supplier diversity generate a 133% greater return on procurement investments than their counterparts. The difference is typically attributed to MBEs’ ability to deliver equal value at a lower operating cost than their competitors. Minority business owners face unique challenges that require them to adapt to their industries and markets. As a result, MBEs also tend to be at the forefront of innovation and creativity in their respective fields. This allows corporations to make cost-effective business decisions positively impacting minority communities. 

Build wealth and loyalty amongst your target customers
There is a steady demographic shift taking place in America.  Ethnic minority groups are becoming a larger percentage of our population — and therefore a more dominant economic force in our economy. Companies expecting to sell your products and services to all segments of the U.S. population must be prepared to contribute to the economic well-being of those same demographic segments. Research has shown that diverse suppliers tend to hire more Black, Asian, Native American, Latino and other underrepresented employees than their white, male counterparts. By supporting minority suppliers, your company will make a direct impact on minority communities in our country and significantly expand your brand awareness within targeted demographic segments. 

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