The Southern Region Minority Supplier Development Council (SRMSDC) provides both advocacy and business development services to certified Asian-American, Native-American, Hispanic-American and African-American owned companies.  We specialize in facilitating new and existing sourcing opportunities from our corporate members to our certified minority-owned businesses.  We are one of 24 regional affiliates of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), the nation's premiere organization for minority supplier development.


Mr. Williams has overall management responsibility for the Southern Region Minority Supplier Development Council including human resources, finance, planning, and administration.  Direct your requests in the following areas to Mr. Williams:

  • Corporate Contributions & Membership
  • EXPO
  • Finance
  • MBE Advisory Committee
  • Community & Media Relations
  • National Minority Supplier Development Council

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MARY GREEN, Chief Accountant 

Ms. Green is responsible for finance.  Direct your requests in the following areas to Ms. Green:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Finance​

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MARK SAMUEL, Regional Director of MBE Services

Mr. Samuel is responsible for ensuring that MBEs are effectively recruited, certified, oriented, informed and supported.  Direct your requests in the following areas to Mr. Samuel:

  • Certification
  • MBE Outreach
  • Events
  • New MBE Orientation
  • Potential MBE Orientation
  • MBE-to-MBE Sourcing
  • Corporate-to-MBE Sourcing
  • MBE Records Management
  • Subscription Services
  • MBE Certificates

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ROBYN HAMILTON, Regional Director of Outreach and Development

Mrs. Hamilton is responsible for new corporate recruitment, retention and MBE program development.  Direct your requests in the following areas to Mrs. Hamilton:

  • Grant Writing
  • New Corporate Member Information
  • Outreach
  • Education Programs
  • Next Level Training & Development 
  • New Corporate Member Onboarding
  • Events
  • Prime Supplier Recruitment

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DON LAWHORN, Regional Director of Operations & Communications

Mr. Lawhorn is responsible for program execution, MBE certification compliance, communications and business-to-business sourcing.  Direct your requests in the following areas to Mr. Lawhorn:

  • Pre-certification Workshops
  • MBE Certifications
  • MBE Compliance Reviews
  • Calendar of events and activities
  • General Information on HMSDC
  • Scheduling
  • Communications (Website, Newsletter, Purchasing Prospectus)
  • Business-to-Business Matchmaking Services
  • Event Execution
  • Calendar of events and activities

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SRMSDC provides the only nationally recognized ethnic minority business certification (MBE) in the States of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.  SRMSDC connects certified MBEs with corporate members representing many of America's largest publicly and privately owned companies. The MBE certification is the designation that Corporate America uses to track direct and indirect spend with businesses owned and controlled by ethnic minority-owned suppliers.  Leveraging over 40 years of experience in advocacy and ethnic minority business development we offer:

  • MBE Certification
  • General supply chain marketing consultation
  • Sourcing assistance to buyers from our member corporations
  • Opportunity identification to certified MBEs
  • Bonding and operating capital referrals 
  • Economic impact assessments
  • Exclusive networking events
  • Corporate and MBE training programs


The Southern Region Minority Supplier Development Council (formerly the Louisiana Minority Supplier Development Council) was founded in 1973 to assist major corporations with developing, enhancing and expanding minority vendor programs by integrating minority business enterprises (MBEs) into the corporate purchasing mainstream.

SRMSDC serves the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.  SRMSDC is one of 23 regional affiliates with the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC).  This network serves to promote procurement opportunities among the Council's minority suppliers and nurture relationships between buyers and sellers that increase the number of minority firms actively engaged in corporate supply chains.

The primary objective of SRMSDC is to certify and develop minority suppliers interested in engaging with the business purchasing community.  SRMSDC annually hosts the Gateway Business Connections Conference and Expo, the region's premier conference on supplier diversity.  This two-day conference is the region's largest in-person exchange between corporate buyers and MBEs.

The SRMSDC Board of Directors and staff are committed to fulfilling the responsibilities of providing opportunities for minority business enterprises and to establishing mutually beneficial relationships with corporate buyers.

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